A Wave Garden

A Wave Garden

When surfers surf in your garden ...

This video was taken with our iPhone from the main lounge of the Semaphore at the end of January 2019. Two big waves break just in front of the rocks of the Pointe de Lervily and the Ile aux vaches.

At high tide, the wave breaks just outside the Semaphore on the "Pointe de Lervily". It's a long straight line, very powerful. The "Drop" is impressive. During the big winter storms, the waves can reach up to 6m. There are many rocks. It is a wave for experts or kamikazes. 

At low tide, the wave breaks at the end of Ile aux Vaches a little to the left. This wave is more exposed to the wind and is very popular with windsurfers and kite surfers. 

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